Benoit Deneufbourg | Halte à la Croissance
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client CID Grand Hornu (BE)
curator Marie Pok
location Hornu (BE)
surface 570 m²
year 2018

CID Grand Hornu commissioned us to design the scenography for the exhibition “The Limits to Growth!”.

An exhibition that explores the ambiguous links between design and the desire for degrowth.

Since the late ’60s, researchers from around the world have been pointing out the risks of excessive consumption resulting from an all-out race for growth. Yet the warnings of protesters in the ’60s and ’70s were not followed up by the necessary measures. Today however, society is realising how the dogma of growth leads to a dead end. Numerous citizen initiatives attest to an interest in more sustainable ways of living.
The exhibition questions the role that design can play in this socialmovement.Can we reinvent design? Can we use design to limit or reduce waste?

Pictures: ©Serge Anton