Benoit Deneufbourg | FROM BELGIUM WITH LIGHT
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Benoit Deneufbourg - FROM BELGIUM WITH LIGHT


La Liseuse designed for Macrolux will be part of the exhibition “FROM BELGIUM WITH LIGHT – BELGIANS [ALMOST] INVENTED LIGHT…” at the CID.

“Even though it is not always apparent in our skies, lighting is a field in which both Belgian industry and designers excel. Since the early 1980s, the expansion of companies like Schréder and the creation of such brands as Light, Modular, Kréon, Wever&Ducré, Delta Light and Dark have opened up new opportunities for industrial designers and know-how in our country. In the space of a few decades, lighting design “made in Belgium” has forged an international name for itself, and even now is still going strong.

Belgian lighting designproposes technical, efficient lighting alongside cutting-edge know-how and is tinged with emotions when certain designers address the subject.” Marie Pok


CID – Grand-Hornu
19 November 2017 to 25 February 2018

Site du Grand-Hornu
Rue Sainte-Louise, 82
7301 Hornu – Belgium